COVID - 19: Training & Implementation Strategy

Awareness Training


In 2020 the global pandemic created by COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has impacted the way of life of almost every person on the globe. All staff have confidently passed essential training to understand the pandemic and how to ensure our playgroup remains a safe place for our children, staff and parents to be .  The course completed explains what COVID-19 is, methods to prevent infection and how as a playgroup we can put in place special measures recommended by the UK Government. 

Our Strategy


Regular staff & committee meetings have been put into place to keep a continued dialog of our COVID-19 Strategy, using the completed awareness training to create risk assessments and put into place effective control measures - some of which are outlined below:

To reduce the number of people outside Playgroup, one adult is to bring their child in where possible.   Adults to keep 2 metres from any other families whilst they wait to be called.


Children will be met at the door or gate by a staff member and will have their hands sanitised.

Staff will also wash hands on arrival. Any staff displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home and Playgroup may have to close that day due to short staffing.

If a member of staff becomes unwell at Playgroup we will send them home and depending on the time and the number of children and other adults may need to close the group.

If a child becomes unwell with COVID-19 symptoms whilst at Playgroup one staff member, who will wear PPE, will take them to a separate area and remain with them whilst their parents are called.

The individual (child or staff member) and all members of their household should follow current testing and self isolation guidelines. 

If Coronavirus is diagnosed then Public Health England will advise us what to do. In these circumstances we ask that you respect the privacy of anyone involved.

Kent County Council have informed us that they are aware of cases where a child or adult has coronavirus symptoms for a short amount of time, eg a cough for a day, and wish to return to school or work when these symptoms have gone without isolating or having a test. 

We have been advised by the KCC that even if you have been told by your GP that the symptoms are likely to be something else you still need to follow current guidelines for self isolation and testing 

If your child has a cough, even if you think it is as part of a cold, a high temperature or loss of taste or smell, then please keep them home for 10 days or until you have a negative test result. Tests can be booked via the Government website


We do appreciate the impact this may have but we ask you for your cooperation with this to keep all our children, families and staff safe. 

If you’re at all unsure please call us to check.