Winter Term 2 2021

Autumn 2021 newsletter    


We are now half way through the Autumn term and we’ve had a lot of fun exploring our books theme. It’s been nice to see so many of you borrow books from our library and we will continue to put this out when the weather allows. 

For the second half of the Autumn term we will be looking at festivals and celebrations, starting, of course, with fireworks. If you have any particular celebrations or festivals which are important to your family then please let us know. We will also be supporting Children in Need and getting ready for Christmas. Towards the end of term is our Christmas Concert, which we hope as many children and family members will be able to attend as possible, and our end of term party for all children on the 17th December. 

You can help your child or children at home by talking about which celebrations are important to you or to your extended family. We’d love to see photos of your child and your family at these times so we can talk about how they celebrate or acknowledge special dates. We will also be encouraging children to develop self confidence through the use of our stage and targeted sessions with small groups of children at a time.  

Please contact me on 07792 938947 or if you have any questions. 

Ali Hicks 


We love to hear about what your child has been doing at home. Please talk to your key worker at any time about their learning and development. Please also bring in some photos for their All About Me book if you haven’t done so already. 


Primary School Admissions 2022 

Applications for Primary School open on the 5 November 2021 and close on the 17 January 2022. National Offer day is Tuesday 19 April. Please let us know if you have any questions about Primary School applications. 



  • Now the weather is turning colder and wetter, please remember to bring a coat as we like the children to have access to the outside areas every day. If it’s raining, please also bring a change of indoor shoes. Please also bring a set of spare clothes for your child in case they get wet or dirty (potty training children may need more than one spare set) 

  • We still have a lot of unnamed clothes and drinks bottles coming into Playgroup and the children aren’t always sure which are theirs – please make sure you label them. 

  • If you have any spare trousers/leggings for boys or girls you no longer need we would be very grateful for donations. A lot of the spares we send children home in never make it back to us so supplies are running low. 

Thank you! 

Thank you so much to those of you who participated in or helped to organise the garage sale Safari. It raised an amazing £364.98 which we have used to transform our garden – our wonderful volunteer/Committee Secretary Kelly along with husband Lee have painted the outside fence, shed and mud kitchen and it looks wonderful. They are currently working on repainting some of the older bikes. Kelly and Lee also arranged for the fence to be repainted, and it looks fabulous, along with our beautiful sign. Mrs O’Rawe and her husbandJohn have made a stage, which has been thoroughly enjoyed by the children. Looking ahead, we will be getting some planters in the small garden and some hanging and spinning decorations.

The money has also been used towards staff training ‘I Can – Talk Boost’ to support reluctant or delayed speakers, which has included a host of finger puppets, instruments and so on which we will use with all children as well as with targeted groups and individuals. Thank you all so much. 

We now have a box for you to recycle your old original ink cartridges – this will be put out with the lending library when the weather allows. 

Stay and Play 

Unless government restrictions change, we are now able to open up stay and play sessions again for you to come and play with your child at Playgroup at a prearranged time. 

Please keep checking our website and Facebook page for news of Playgroup events, fundraising events, news from our local Children’s Centres and much more!! 


Committee News 

Our wonderful committee has expanded to include Becky (Erin’s Mum), Carly (Austin's Mum), Adele (Hunter’s Mum) and Kirsty (Rikku’s Mum) but many hands make light work and more committee members are always welcome - we need someone who is happy to take on the treasurer role but anyone interested in the committee should contact our chairman Ross (Eva’s Dad) to find out more. 

The committee have been working hard this term on our Autumn and winter fundraisers – the Halloween Party in half term, which looks like a lot of fun, and our annual Christmas raffle which will be drawn on December 10. Prizes are already being offered for this – from toys, to hampers, to experiences. If you or anyone you know would like to donate a prize then please let us know. Tickets will go on sale in November. 

All proceeds from fundraisers go directly to toys and resources for the children.  

An photograph of a wooden gate and fence with a blue sky, green grass and kites
A photograph of a pile of 'goodies' such as cuddly toys, finger pupperts and musical instruments
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